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Is the use of thread applied via a needle to create an image or lettering. This is a very durable option, and won't wear off like a screen or digital printing might. Embroidery creates a classy, upscale look. With our state of the art multi-head embroidery machine we have the capability to embroider up to 15 colors per logo.
Screen Printing:
Screen printing is an imprinting method in which ink is forced through a screen to transfer an image onto a garment. This method uses very vivid colors, and special inks that can add texture and depth to a design. The downside of screen printing is that multiple color designs require multiple screens which incurs additional charges.
Digital Printing:
Digital Printing is a cutting edge technology that uses the method of ink-jet printing directly on garments producing a high quality print. Digital printing uses water based inks which create a "soft feel". Full color vibrant, detailed images can be printed at an affordable prices with out the set-up fees that are associated with traditional screen printing. Only 100% Cotton garments can be used for Digital Printing.

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