Our Services


Sublimation services by D R Designs, LLC, Central Maine. Sublimation is unique in that it involves inks that bond to the fabric fibers at a sub-surface level, rather than to the surface as most other apparel decoration inks do. In fact, the latter relies on a chemical additive called a binder to adhere to fabric. Sublimation relies on molecular bonding to attach and recolor the fabric’s fibers, resulting in an image that will not crack, peel or fade when washed. Therefore, sublimation is ideal for products such as team apparel, which undergoes a lot of physical stress and numerous washings in its lifetime.


Embroidery by D R Designs, LLC, Manchester, Maine.

Is the use of thread applied via a needle to create an image or lettering. This is a very durable option, and won’t wear off like a screen or digital printing might. Embroidery creates a classy, upscale look. With our state of the art multi-head embroidery machine, we have the capability to embroider up to 15 colors per logo.

Screen Printing by D R Designs, LLC.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an imprinting method in which ink is forced through a screen to transfer an image onto a garment. This method uses very vivid colors and special inks that can add texture and depth to a design. The downside of screen printing is that multiple color designs require multiple screens which incur additional charges.