Creating Art For Your Garments With D R Designs

Some of us are artists and some of us aren’t so much.  For most, creating a logo or art for your garments can be a daunting task. When you are trying for a specific look and it’s not exactly a DIY type situation let D R Designs assist in creating an image you would be proud to wear, even in public!  Whether you need to create a new logo, update branding, or need an image to tell a story and/or represent a special occasion D R Designs can help. 

Information you should share with our artists when looking for a logo:

Is it a re-brand situation?  Do you already have branding guidelines in place? Is there a type of logo are you looking for?  What will you be putting your logo/art on? What is the industry?  Are there any examples to pull from?  What colors would you like to use?  Is there specific typography you like? You get the idea.  Share with us as much information as you can so we can be on the same page.

Check out the 7 types of logos:

Here are a few of examples of art requests we have recently received from customers.

First Example

Rebranding an existing logo for a sister company:  Everything kids of Winthrop, ME who sells childrens clothing among many other things for kids, was opening an ice cream shop at their location.  Everything Kids sent along the following request.

  • Would like to use the brand name “Everything Ice Cream”
  • Would like to incorporate the stick figure from the Everything Kids Logo
  • Wants to incorporate an ice cream in the logo
  • No specific font in mind
Everything Kids Logo on the left and Everything Ice Cream Logo D R Designs created on the right.

Second Example

Creating a caricature of an object:  The Boys and Girls Club of Kennebec Valley was looking to create a caricature of their old building to assist in the fundraising efforts for their new establishment.  They sent along pictures of the old building with the following requests.

  • Caricature of the old building including eyes, and mouth
  • Exaggerate the facial features on the caricature
  • The building should look dated and run-down
  • The text at the bottom should read “Almost time to retire”
Pictures of the old building on the left. Final caricature of the building on the right.

Third Example

Creating a t-shirt design for an upcoming event:  Spruce Mountain High School was looking for a t-shirt design for their annual Rock of Ages event and sent along the following request.

  • Want to incorporate a guitar similar to the “Hard Rock” guitar
  • Below the logo should read “Almost Like Normal” Tour
  • Add “Spruce Mountain ROA 2021” at the top of the design

Keep in mind that art is subjective but with the right direction our artists can create some cool images!  The going rate for artwork at D R Designs is $40 per hour.  Ultimately, the amount of time it takes is really based on the complexity of the art and how much direction we are given.  As a print and embroidery shop, we also have the inside scoop on how your design will fit on branded apparel and keep that in mind when creating the imagery. 

So if you have an idea or concept you want to bring to life, let D R Designs help you get there.