Full Dye Sublimation for your team uniforms.

Athletic uniforms are meant to be worn, beaten, and tattered.  They typically start a competition clean and finish the competition, well…not so much. Jerseys are not treated as kindly as many other garments that reside in our drawers, closets, and laundry baskets.  For that reason, should they be manufactured the same? 

For years, sports uniforms donned logos, numbers, and names that were applied mainly through screen printing and heat transfers.  However, we have all seen what wear and tear through competition and repeated, but necessary trips to the laundry pile can do to a once pristine game-worn jersey.  Therefore, full dye sublimated uniforms are becoming the manufacturing process of choice for many teams and organizations in baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, football, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and more. 

Ink is fused into fabric during the full dye sublimation process.

What is Full Dye Sublimation?  

Simply put, full dye sublimation is a printing process where the design of the jersey is fused into the fabric of the uniform using heat and ink.  All elements of the design including the colors, striping, logos, names and numbers are all infused into the fabric.  Thus, you eliminate having to worry about stripping the elements of the jersey over time.

What are the benefits of sublimated uniforms?

Custom Full Dye Sublimated soccer jersey sample at D R Designs.

More Design Options – Full dye sublimation allows much more freedom when it comes to the design of the uniforms.  Today’s digital printing technology allows printers to add custom graphics to uniforms.  These graphics can include an unlimited amount of color combinations and the infused dye sublimated jerseys will remain vibrant for the life of the garment.  This includes the logo, name and numbers that are infused into the fabric. 

True Moisture Performance – With the infused sublimated item, the material is still allowed to breathe, which in turn, continues to whisk moisture away from the body.  Screen ink lays a thick print over the material lessening the performance shirt’s ability to whisk moisture away.

Softer Material – Dye sublimated uniforms also remain soft to the touch meaning more comfort for the athletes who are wearing them.  

Cost-Effective – There is less setup time and materials needed in the full dye sublimation process.  The only exception being if you have a graphic artist design the jersey and/or logo for your team or organization.  Plus, if additional items are needed after the initial order, the item cost will be the same.

So, if you’re looking for clean, sharp and long-lasting jerseys for your team reach out to D R Designs today.  We will work with you to get the look and quality you desire.