Choosing Apparel For Your Brand

Why provide company-branded apparel?  Well, there are numerous reasons.  Branded apparel can give your employees a polished, professional look.  It will increase impressions and bring brand awareness to your business.  Logoed clothing is a continuous form of advertising that is seen by current clients and potential customers.  It can also be a great boost to … Read more

Creating Art For Your Garments With D R Designs

Some of us are artists and some of us aren’t so much.  For most, creating a logo or art for your garments can be a daunting task. When you are trying for a specific look and it’s not exactly a DIY type situation let D R Designs assist in creating an image you would be … Read more

Full Dye Sublimation for your team uniforms.

Athletic uniforms are meant to be worn, beaten, and tattered.  They typically start a competition clean and finish the competition, well…not so much. Jerseys are not treated as kindly as many other garments that reside in our drawers, closets, and laundry baskets.  For that reason, should they be manufactured the same?  For years, sports uniforms … Read more

Preparing Your Art Files For Screen Printing Branded Apparel

Whether you’re looking to brand some sweet new threads for resale or would like to deck out your own employees/teammates for an upcoming event, this tidbit of information will help make the screen printing process quicker, easier, and more cost-effective for all parties involved.   Not all file types are created equal when it comes to … Read more